Jay Greene’s Education Myths

Jay Greene looked at some data to unravel some myths about the education system. He has a book, but here’s a summary of the first 5 myths [1]

1. “Schools perform poorly because they need more money.” This is only true in some cases, about 10-15%.

2. “Special education programs burden public schools, hindering their academic performance.” Schools classify with learning disabilities so that the state will give the school extra money, even though the student may only need remedial help.

3. “Social problems like poverty cause students to fail; schools are helpless to prevent it.” This can be overcome and is not automatically a resultsĀ killer.

4. “Schools should reduce class sizes; small classes would produce big improvements.” There are other factors yield bigger results. The gains by reducing class size are small.

5. “Certified or more experienced teachers are substantially more effective.” Higher qualified teachers don’t produce students with better grades. And teacher’s rise in effective plateaus after a short number of years.


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